Why e-Pramaan?

e-Pramaan enables various government departments and agencies to address the access management associated with the deployment of e-Governance applications and services. The benefits of implementing e-Pramaan are as follows:

  • It is based on established authentication standards.
  • It provides a strong multi-factor authentication system.
  • It facilitates convenient and secured access to government services via internet/mobile.
  • It provides Single Sign-On (SSO) for e-Governance Services integrated with e-Pramaan.
  • It offers authentication chaining option to services.
  • It has shared infrastructure for e-Authentication needs
  • It obviates the need for departments to become AUAs
  • It offers ASA services without charging any fees
  • Incorporates Aadhaar-based authentication in e-Authentication mechanism
  • It provides Centralized AUA/ASA service through which-implementation issues, reporting, fraud monitoring, etc. will be managed in a centralized manner.
  • It offers fraud management services