Single/Multi Factor Authentication

e-Pramaan uses single or multi-factor authentication mechanisms to authenticate users of online public services. The choice of authentication factor(s) will depend on the requirements as deemed fit by Service Providers (SPs). Use of additional factors will provide higher level of assurance for a safe and secure e-service experience. Multi-factor is stronger than two-factor which is stronger than single-factor. The service providers or government departments have an option of choosing any one or a combination of factors along with "username" as per the combinations described below:

  • Single Factor - Any one of the following factors: Password/Biometrics.
  • Two Factor - Combination of any two of the following factors: Password/One Time Password (OTP)/Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)/Biometrics.
  • Multi Factor - Combination of any two and more of the following factors: Password/Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)/One Time Password (OTP) along with Biometrics.