AUA/ASA Services

Aadhaar authentication ecosystem has provision wherein any agency seeking to conduct Aadhaar authentication of its customers/associates etc. for service delivery can engage with an existing AUA (Authentication User Agency). Such agencies which enter into agreements with AUA are defined as Sub-AUA. Any agency seeking to become an AUA needs to have an agreement with UIDAI directly.

Authentication Service Agency (ASA) - ASA is any entity that transmits authentication requests to the CIDR on behalf of one or more AUAs. They play the role of enabling intermediaries. They have an established secure connection with the CIDR and convey AUAs' authentication requests to the CIDR. ASAs receive CIDR's response and transmit the same back to the AUA.

An ASA may enter into a formal contract with AUAs. UIDAI has a set of proposed guidelines that may be included in the contract between an ASA and an AUA. However, the contract (and commercial terms, if any) between an ASA and an AUA is at the sole discretion of the signing parties, and UIDAI does not have any obligations regarding same.

Department AUA on-boarding process

e-Pramaan as an AUA and ASA

  • e-Pramaan plays the role of ASA and AUA at once, thus preventing hassles for a department in submitting application forms to UIDAI, signing agreements and setting up the IT infrastructure. e-Pramaan eliminates the need of departments to become AUAs.
  • As e-Pramaan is centralized and adherence to standards and compliance is required only once instead of different departments complying separately.
  • Value added services such as exception handling, reporting and fraud monitoring are provided to departments.